Global Reset PSYOP Explained with Mind Map

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1. Introduction

The Lockdown Lunacy that has been inflicted on most of the world through most of 2020 can be explained.

A worldwide coup is in progress. This page describes the evil and criminal psychological warfare operation (PSYOP) that is being used against the people of the world.

I hope that you will recognise at least some of these elements from your own experience.

2. Background

What is the Great Global Reset?
The Great Global Reset aka 4th Industrial Revolution and New World Order is currently under way. It is an attempt to completely change the economic and social structure of the world.
Why is there a Great Global Reset?
Some banks, international organizations and corporations have decided to effectively take over the world.
Who thought up the Great Global Reset and when?
The idea for a New World Order dates back decades or even hundreds of years. Who thought it up is a matter of debate.
Who controls the Great Global Reset? From where?
The Great Global Reset is being fronted by the World Economic Forum in Cologny, Switzerland.

The actual control is with major banks and corporations and international organisations such as the United Nations. I suspect that the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington play major roles in the plan.

Major individuals involved include George Soros, Bill Gates, the Clintons and Tony Blair.
Who benefits from the Great Global Reset?
Some central banks, international banks and corporations as well as immensely wealthy people.
What is the benefit of the Great Global Reset to my country?
None. Part of the plan is to destroy the nation state.
When did we vote for the Great Global Reset?
LOL. Don't be silly. This plan has been worked on behind the scenes with no consultation with the general population.
How does the lockdown PSYOP scam fit in with the Great Global Reset?
Lockdown is a psychological operation designed to break resistance to planned social and economic changes.
What is the philosophy behind the Great Global Reset?
This is where things get a bit murky. The philosophy appears to be based on the ideas of technocracy and social engineering. There are also elements of communitarianism and corporate fascism.
What will the resulting society be like?
A technocratic dictatorship. Probably something similar to Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'.
How are they implementing the Great Global Reset?
a. Problem Reaction Solution Explained: Created Problem = COVID-19 : Designed Reaction = Economic Collapse & Civil Unrest : Predetermined Solution = Great Reset & Global Governance

b. Manipulating systems.

3. The Psychological Operation

GOAL: Facilitate the Great Global Reset by the use of PSYOPS (Psychological Operations).

OBJECTIVE: Break resistance to planned social and economic changes.
Most people in the world have been on the receiving-end of a criminal psychological operation unprecedented in the history of the world. The objective of the PSYOP is to break resistance to planned New World Order social and economic changes. I shall try to provide an overview of some of the psychological warfare techniques being used.
The Mind Map
The full-sized (3423x4953) mind map can be downloaded here.

This is a very large file. You can scale it down to A4 size for printing which will make it easier to follow. Diagram designed with XMind.

This is what the whole mind map looks like. Below are readable images with each section. Coronavirus PSYOP MindMap
1. STRATEGIES: Emulate Soviet ideological subversion, Mass media propaganda and Create atmosphere of fear.
Coronavirus PSYOP MindMap
STRATEGY: Emulate Soviet ideological subversion
TACTICS: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization

See here for an excellent explanation: "The Soviet Plan for 'Ideological Subversion' Describes Our Current Turmoil."

STRATEGY: Mass media propaganda
TACTICS: Perpetrators become victims, Hype-up fear, Encourage people to accept things they know to be false, Promote the 'New Normal', Promote warped thinking

Since the beginning of the CONvid1984 SCAMdemic, the mass media has assailed us with a diet of lies, deceit, fear and scare-mongering aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible fall for this criminal fraud.

We are also encouraged to see the situation as the 'New Normal'.

STRATEGY: Create atmosphere of fear
TACTICS: Exaggerate risk of virus, Manipulate data, News stories, Sack people who criticize

Frightened people are easier to control.

The dangers of the virus were exaggerated from the beginning.
It can be proven that some of the data relating to numbers of infections and deaths has been deliberately exaggerated.
News stories have been used to hype-up fear.
Some people have been sacked for criticizing governmental responses to the virus.

2. STRATEGIES: Brainwashing and Create confusion.
Coronavirus PSYOP MindMap
STRATEGY: Brainwashing
TACTICS: Assault on cultural identity, BLM / Antifa / SJW, Destruction of statues etc..., Ban words, Change word meanings

There is an assault on cultural identity by attacking historical figures and their statues such as Cecil Rhodes that aims to undermine the cultural identity of, especially Western, countries.

TACTICS: Create sense of guilt, Betray what you believe in, Breaking point, Leniency, Reject old beliefs, Accepts new identity
STRATEGY: Create confusion
TACTICS: Contradictory media reports

There have been numerous instances where media reports have been contradictory and where governments have constantly changed policies (e.g. as regards the wearing of masks, social distancing, vaccinations).

TACTICS: Constantly change policies

Making promises and then turning them into disappointments is an old psychological trick to demoralize people.

TACTICS: Distract from what is really going on

Demonstrations by BLM and Antifa are also being used to distract people from what is happening to the economy.

3. STRATEGIES: Mind control / reframe
Coronavirus PSYOP MindMap
STRATEGY: Mind control / reframe
TACTICS: Isolation, Fear other people

Isolation encourages people to fear others.

TACTICS: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP lets the user manipulate people without them knowing it.

Derren Brown sometimes uses techniques similar to NLP in his 'tricks'.

TACTICS: Impose unreasonable rules

Force people to change their behaviour by imposing unreasonable rule such as social distancing.

TACTICS: Applied behavioural psychology, UK Behavioural Insights Team, Create culture of conformity

Use applied behavioural psychology to change people's behaviour: UK Column article UK Column video

TACTICS: Manipulate children to make them mentally ill, Disrupt education, Social distancing and masks

Lockdown makes children fear other people, separates them from their friends, disrupts their education and may lead to an increase in child abuse and mental illnesses such as depression.

Julie Kelly @julie_kelly2 (Twitter) "We're ruining our kids physical, mental and emotional health, delaying education, and keeping them in isolation while jeopardizing their economic future over a treatable virus that poses almost no threat to young people. What a tragedy."

TACTICS: Attack religion, Ban / limit church services

One of the objectives of the criminals behind the Great Global Reset is to destroy existing religions.

TACTICS: Create pseudo-religion, Worship NHS, Clapping, Rainbows

In the UK, they have created a pseudo religion involving worship of the National Health Service, encouraging people to worship by clapping and putting up images of rainbows.

TACTICS: Occult initiation ritual, Lockdown isolation, Hand washing, Masks, Social distancing
4. STRATEGIES: De-humanize and Experimental
Coronavirus PSYOP MindMap
STRATEGY: De-humanize
TACTICS: Masks (NWO symbol of compliance)

Medical effects: Damage the immune system, Decrease oxygen intake, Increases toxin inhalation, Mostly ineffective against viruses, Respiratory infections.

Psychological effects: De-humanize, Isolate, Increase fear, Symbol of compliance

Masks are one of the most pernicious aspects of the PSYOP since the effects are so far-reaching.

Most masks do not work against viruses.

As well as creating medical problems for the user, they also have psychological effects such as increasing the level of fear of others as well as being a symbol of compliance with the new order.

TACTICS: Social distancing, Create suspicion, Fear public places, Masks, Disinfectant

Another major control technique is social distancing which tends again to create fear and suspicion.

TACTICS: Apply torture methods

Induce stress, Increase in illness, Dependency, Debility, Dread

For an interesting video about the relation of some of the methods discussed above to torture techniques, see:

The Great Global Reset PSYOP - Is This Torture?

STRATEGY: Experimental
TACTICS: See how far people can be pushed, Test run for something worse?

The major plague that has been around for the past few months has been a plague of stupidity.

The people behind the Great Global Reset Psychological Warfare Operation must have been delighted by just how easy it has been for them to shut down entire economies and control people so effectively.

It might be that the current PSYOP is a test-run for something much worse later in 2020 or in 2021.


"They have groomed the population into psychologically abnormal behaviours - hypochondria, agoraphobia, germaphobia, hysteria. Fortunately the natural healthy instincts and aversion to abnormality of the broad majority of humanity will win out. You can't suppress human nature."
Martin @timpers7 (Twitter) Replying to @Francis_Hoar and @timjames16

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