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The following self-serving clique of sycophants, criminals and fraudsters have close connections with Common Purpose and are communitarian-compliant.

Many thanks to Max Farquar for this excellent blog post.

Common Purpose Rogues' Gallery - an obloquy

These people are common criminals and traitors who have conspired to corruptly abuse millions of pounds of public money. They operate like a bunch of Tammany Hall thugs.

There are insufficient words in the dictionary to adequately convey the opprobrium and censure that should be heaped upon these creatures.

Cur David 'Boss' Bell.

Boss Bell, the 'Mister Big' in this sordid Mafia-style tale. Media Standards Trust Chairman, Common Purpose Trustee. Criminal abuser of public funds.
Julia 'Boss' Middleton.

The evil weevil herself. A corrupt abuser of public funds. A crook. A corrupter. In an earlier age she would have been a common procuress.

Bent as a nine bob note, NWO Rothschild stooge, traitor, corrupt abuser of public funds, &c. &c. &c. ad infinitum. One of the most despicable creatures ever to slither across the face of the planet.
Caroline Duckworth.

Common Purpose Managing Director and senior cockroach. Another criminal abuser of public funds.
Suzy Leather.

Common Purpose stooge and criminal in the Charity Commission, employed to hide the crimes of Common Purpose members.
Robert Peston.

NWO Rothschild and Media Standards Trust stooge at the BBC. A disseminator of false news, rumour and propaganda.
Mark Thompson.

Common Purpose stooge. BBC Dictator General. A purveyor of government propaganda and pap for the masses. Yet another criminal abuser of public funds.

Economic criminal, traitor, liar, crook &c. &c. &c. ad infinitum.

Communitarian. Common Purpose stooge. Fake conservative, fraud, NWO stooge, dissembler &c. &c.
Cur Huge Ordure.

President of ACPO. There are few things in life worse than a bent copper and this piece of slime is as bent as they come. You don't get to be a senior officer in ACPO without being a totally corrupt Common Purpose stooge.

War criminal, traitor, liar, &c. &c. &c. ad infinitum.

His Ignoble Lardship the Mouth of the Humber and the Turd that Floats Therein. Traitor, crook, fraudster &c. &c. &c. ad infinitum.

Another fake conservative. EU lackey. Communitarian. Common Purpose and NWO stooge.
Cur Brandon Gough.

Scientific fraudster and corrupt abuser of public funds. Appointed Chancellor of the UEA to control the Climatic Research Unit. More...


I have not received any legal challenge or complaint from Common Purpose or its named associates about the allegations of corruption made on this website. Why not?

Some accomplices:
Name Position Organisation
Mary-Ellen Barker Journalist
Sir Cyril Chantler Chairman King's Fund
Geraint Talfan Davies Chair Institute of Welsh Affairs
William Davies Goldsmiths College
Amelia Fawcett Chairman Chairman Guardian Media Group Pensions First
Roger Graef Films of Record
David Loyn Journalist BBC
Charles Manby Goldman Sachs
Sir Philip Otton Retired judge
Right Reverend Stephen Platten Bishop of Wakefield
Anthony Salz Executive Vice Chairman NM Rothschild
Albert Scardino Journalist
Sue Stapely Quiller Consultants/Sue Stapely Consulting
Sir Robert Worcester MORI
Martin Moore Media Standards Trust
Helen Alexander President CBI
Rudi Bogni Banker and Philanthropist
Common Purpose
Johathan Caplan QC
Lord Stephen Carter LEK Consulting
Peter Housden Permanent Secretary DCLG
Janet Paraskeva First Civil Service Commissioner
Dorothea Hodge Director Political Communications
Sir Michael Hastings Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity KPMG
Roly Keating Controller BBC2
Peter Kellner President YouGov
Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
Charles Manby Goldman Sachs
Philip Mawer Former Independent Advisor to Gordon Brown
Nigel Morris Jones Head Equity Capital Markets, Execution Ltd
Geoff Mulgan Director Young Foundation
Sir David Normington Permanent Secretary Home Office
Albert Scardino Journalist
Ralf Schneider Group Head of HR Learning T&R, OD, HSBC
Jon Snow Newscaster Channel 4 News
Moira Wallace Permanent Secretary DECC
Jon Williams World News Editor BBC


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Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose is a fraudulent 'educational charity' acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to implement the British government's hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.

Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose UK corruption Help stop Common Purpose! Common Purpose hates having people discuss it.

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Common Purpose UK corruption

Corrupting leaders with Common Purpose
Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose UK corruption

Common Purpose UK corruption


Database of some CP members supplied by Brian Gerrish 2009-12-09 (.xls spreadsheet file).

Some CP BBC employees

Common Purpose UK corruption

Common Purpose UK corruption

Common Purpose UK corruption

Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose UK corruption


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Common Purpose UK corruption


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Common Purpose UK corruption

Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose UK corruption

Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose UK corruption


Common Purpose UK corruption